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And a hat to stick them on

It was battltech again yesterday up at the Pompton Lakes Pod Bay. They were having a newbies training day there and Matt and I decided to head up. Once again, he graciously offered to drive which is pretty much a godsend. The only car I have access to at the moment is the Expedition and I really don't like taking it long distances. For one, it guzzles gas like a sherman take and second, it pretty much handles like one too. The wind ends up blowing it all around the road and I just generally feel very insecure in it. It's also nice not to drive since I almost invariable get hit with motion sickness after too many missions in the pod. I think it has a lot to do with which game we're playing as the problems only pop up with things like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Basically the games which involve a lot of twirly movement and not as much straight on combat.

Once the nausea hits, there's not much that shuts it down. I actually went and took a liedown on a couch in the breezeway yesterday and actually ended up dozing off for a while. All in all, I probably spent close to a couple hours out there and still couldn't shake the urge to vomit. No doubt the whole thing also ties into the fact that I still feel sleep deprived and one of my classic responses to lack of sleep is nausea. Since Matt was driving, I was able to doze on the way back home. I ended up going to bed soon after, but like clockwork was up again a few hours later. It just seems that the pain issues will never let me sleep for long, no matter how tired, and I should be gateful when I can even fall asleep in the first place.

On a sidenote, I crossed the 25 mission threshold and now qualify for my 'Clan Pin'. Apparently battletech pilots collect pins like boyscouts collect merit badges. There are pins for winning tournaments and there are pins for number of missions flown. The lowest threshold gets you the clan pin and then additional ones at 50, 100, 200, etc. I already have that Calamity Jane pin from the Pro-Am and will add the Clan pin to it whenever I head up next. I wonder if I should get something to affix them to. I noticed that some of the others had them on patches or hats or things like that. No doubt it's handy when you want to go around impressing the civvies. Yeah, I headshotted an Atlas once. Who wants to touch me?
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