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Plans ahead

This saturday is the Poker Tournament and Gameday at the Stronghold once more. I ended up missing the last one and the chance I'll make this one is a bit shaky too. It would be great to actually place in one of these events but I've been improving with each showing. The first time around I simply made it past the hump and ended up getting 5th or 6th the second. The sad thing is that I know that it's not skill that has gotten me there. I've had good cards for the most part and that's enough to counteract any real defecits in skill up to a point. The prizepool should be up around $400 for first place and that would certainly come in handy.

I can't quite bring myself to make that treasure token order yet. It's a lot of money all around and I keep imagining that I drop the $500 only to find that I get crap in every pack. I gave the new randomizer a try and came up with abysmal results. If I pick up some cash in the tourney, however, it'll be like found money and it won't matter how much the distribution sucks.

In a week or so, chelldg will be making her way to the state along with her mother in law and we'll be spending some time down in Atlantic City. There's another possible source of found money and all it takes is actually winning money from the casinos. Just because it's never worked out for me before, is surely no reason to doubt that this time I'll hit the jackpot. I have some few concerns about various me-related issues concerning the trip, but I figure I can just play it by ear. Hopefully the meds will keep me going and if there are any real problems, I can always pop home for a time.

Oh, this sunday should also be the start of the new DnD campaign. It looks like I won't get the chance to run an undead brothel, but having a character that's insane is almost as good. Well, not really, but what can you do?
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