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Welcome to the House of Ass

Welp, you can find anything on the internet nowadays so out of curiosity, I figured I'd run a search for the name of the porno whatshisface was watching when psycho with the sword kicked down the door. Checking with an ESL teacher confirmed that 'Casa de Culo' translates as House of Ass (I'm assuming that this must sound more sexy and/or appealing in spanish) and there were some adult dvd websites that provided basic information.

Casa de Culo

Get ready to go South of the Border with these spicy girls ready to please and make your dreams come true.

Running time : 240 Minutes

Genre: Black & Interracial

Well, my first thought is that it dosen't seem to be something that's really deviant. After the speculation that there was likely to be screaming and hollering, I figured it would be some sort of fetish video rather than what seems to be more or less normal. 4 hours does seem a wee bit excessive, but I guess that way you get more bang for your buck, so to speak. Hey, at least he was watching inter-racial porn. That's sorta affirming in a 'We are the World' sorta way, right?

I also found to my amusement that snarksters have already hit some of the sites selling the flick and added their own reviews.

Tags: crime/law, news, sword-wielding rape avenger

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