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A dirty little secret

I have a confession of sorts. I occassionally read PostSecret through the LJ RSS feed. I signed up for it on a whim and find myself scrolling through them whenever I happen to be bored and nothing more entertaining presents itself. Yes, I know, I know. It's full of whiney, weepy-ass, emo crap and I should be urging it be firebombed instead of contributing to the horror.

Still, despite the fundamental suck, occassionally I run across one of the secrets that I find hilarious, usually unintentionally so. I ran across one of them on this week's feed and I thought I'd share.

For some reason, this just had me snickering. I'm so enamored with the general idea that I think Hallmark should produce a series of greeting cards in this style that address similar issues. We can call it the 'Fuck you and the STD you gave me' line of cards.
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