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Welcome to the AC

I'm going to be heading down to Atlantic City some point this morning to meet chelledg and her mother in law. I think I mentioned it at least a couple times before but there's here on vacation for the next few days and graciously invited me down. They've got a condo or time share or something and apparently there's plenty of room. My main problem is that I'm really not doing well of late. There are times I really feel like I'm on my last legs and the jenga tower of my being is wobbly at best. I figure I'll try to play it by ear for this trip and if things really go to heck, the commute is doable at 90 minutes or so.

Who knows....I might actually hit some sort of gigantic progressive jackpot and become filthy rich overnight. That wouldn't end up solving most of my problems, but it has to be better to have medical problems and be rich than have medical problems and be poor. If nothing else, it'd be nice to have the resources to destroy my enemies.

I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be down in AC, but I'll probably end up leaving voice posts so you'll all know when I win my millions.
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