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Oh, I won btw

It took a while but Gencon History finally updated their entries at some point over the last few days. I had been waiting for the annoucement on the site before making an entry but I've officially won a badge for gencon with my photo entries. The specific picture that won was from True Dungeon at Socal a couple years ago. It turns out that I also had the highest rated pictures for week 10 as well, but you can only win a single badge. Suxxors.

It's a shame really. My seminar photos were all from Killer Breakfast and trounced the competition. The one that ended up winning by default wasn't even a seminar shot as far as I could tell. You can take a look at all of the seminar entries here. If I had known that the KB pictures were going to do so well, I would have sac'ed the win in the earlier category. Without knowing how it was going to go, I just wanted the most chances possible.

I'm still in the process of trying to work out the refund details with gencon. I'm also trying to get a ruling on whether the redemption codes are transferable or not. It says they're not in the rules, but I know a couple of people who are passing their badge wins to spouses and the like. If it does work out it might be worthwhile to pass some of my photos to other people and they can enter them. I didn't see anything in the rules stating that the person submitting the photo had to actually be the one who took it. Maybe I can even work out some sort of splitsy with others who want to knock half the price off their badge but don't have any pictures to enter. Eh, overall it's probably not worth the effort. If anyone is interested though, drop me a line.
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