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Is it any cheaper by fucking pack mule?

Shipping rates have gotten completely out of fucking control. It's gone beyond ridiculous and jumped right to pissing me off. I'm right in the midst of placing my order for True Dungeon treasure tokens and was searching around online for plastic pages in which I can store them when they arrive. Since the tokens are supposed to be Clout-esque, and perhaps even made by the safe manufacturer, I went searching for plastic pages that would fit Clout chips.

It wasn't exactly easy to track down online stores that had the items avaliable. I can only assume that Clout is still failing to get significant market penetration. In fact, I could only find a couple of web retailers that even carried the items I needed. The refill pages are sold in bundles of 10, each capable of holding 20 chips, and retailed for $4. Most of the stores I saw were knocking around a dollar off of that and I was planning to pick up four bundles. Imagine my surprise when my $12 order racked up shipping charges ranging anywhere from $7.50 to $11.00. Basically, the shipping costs would be 40-50% of the total purchase price. It's not exactly like I was asking them to beam the pages to me overnight either. The $11 option was actually for USPS parcel post if you can fucking believe it. Next day air would actually set a person back $32. Based on these prices you would think I must be trying to get them to ship a 10 pound rock cross-country rather than 40 sheets of thin plastic pages.

Now, I know that shipping costs have gone up in recent years but this is just fucking ridiculous. It's almost bad enough at this point that it's probably cheaper just to find a retail store nearby. Well, that is if there was a retail store nearby and they actually carried Clout. Paying retail and sales tax is actually cheaper than ordering the crap online.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for online stores that don't gouge on shipping and carry chip pages, let me know. I'm pretty damn disgruntled at the moment.
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