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Hippie hair

I really should get a haircut one of these days. I'm not sure exactly when the last one was but it must've been near a year by now. My hair normally dosen't grow very quickly and I never pay much attention to it unless it's in my eyes. At some point I decided that haircuts were too cumbersome and if I just took a pair of sissors and hacked enough off the front each time it got long enough to get in my way, that'd be good enough. The net effect is that I appear to be growing a mullet. I've got enough hair in the back now to make a fist-lengthed pony tail which I find sorta disturbing.

Chelle just sent me a couple of the pictures she had taken in AC and upon viewing the results, I'm thinking it's haircut time. Feel free to judge for yourself. I'll include one of the pictures below. I brought my own camera along but never even ended up taking it out of my bag. That's been true for most events of late. I don't think I've actually taken any pictures since Socal despite the fact that I still lug the camera around with me. It just seems to be a bother more than anything and probably why I hadn't seen pictoral evidence of encroaching mullethood until now.

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