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I seem to go through this debate every few months but I'm still on the fence about whether I should buy myself a Nintendo DS Lite. There are all sorts of pros and cons, the most pressing of the latter being that I'm poor and I don't exactly have a good track record with handheld gaming systems. I have a gameboy and a gameboy color somewhere, both of which I almost never played. It's not like a I spent a fortune on either but if you add in all the cost for games, it was still a good chunk of change for what essentially became paperweights.

The problem has always been that I get fixated and hooked on the idea of buying video games. To this day I have literally dozens of playstation games I purchased and never played and probably a good dozen PS2 ones that are in shrink wrap. I like the idea of owning all the various final fantasies or zeldas or whatever, but I never seen to have the perseverence to actually finish anything I start.

So that brings me back to the DS. Everyone I've spoken to who has one loves it. Point in favor of buying one. On the otherhand, the games all seem to be prety pricey at ~$30 and there seems to be no good market for picking up used games cheaply. Point against. It makes me miss the good old days of eBay before every Tom, Dick, and Moron started logging on and bidding everything up to the stratosphere. The sheer number of soft-brained asshats willing to bid a used item up to or past the retail cost is astounding. These people shouldn't be allowed to even have money until they can use it responsible and with a lick of sense. As long as those idiots are flooding the site, the chances of me getting something at a reasonable price is almost nil.

Poll #945535 Nintendo DS

Should I purchase a Nintendo DS Lite

Don't fucking care

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