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Curses! Foiled again

I just got my first run token in the mail from True Dungeon. I immediately went and tried to slot it into the Clout Keychain I have and found to my disgust that the chips are not identical in size. The treasure tokens are larger, but only slightly. That small difference was enough to make it so that it wouldn't fit the holder and all I got out of my troubles was a token with scratched up sides. Feh. The difference is so slight that it took me forever to even figure out what the problem was.

Oh well, scratch that idea. I had been hoping to use the keychain to display my treasure tokens, the nice ones anyway, and make a necklace of them. It was a nice and cheap alternative to actually going all out and getting a token wrap from Lesimony (Heidi). They look more than spiffy but it's hard to justify spending $35 on a couple chunks of metal. Add in the price of a chain made out of the same material at around $80, and it becomes a significant amount of cash for a lark. I don't even wear jewlery and I can pretty much guarentee that this wouldn't be something I sport around at any time other than gencon.

Still, it would be nice to be able to display the tokens. I had been thinking if the keychain worked that I could thread all the tokens I was 'wearing' through a chain or cord and have it around my neck for the dungeon. It seemed like a spiffy sort of idea, actually displaying my equipment.

There's still a chance that the whole thing will work out, however. These first run tokens might be slightly different than the main run that will come out in May. It makes sense that the company manufacturing these tokens would just use the generic Clout setup as much as they could. The front and back might change, but the tokens should be the same size. I guess all that's left is to wait and see how it turns out.
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