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Add a candle to the hoax cake

Exactly one year ago today, the Duke Lacrosse team held a house party that would end up sparking a powderkeg on race relations and giving society a case to make Tawana Brawley look like justice and order. It's pretty remarkable that a year has already passed and if we're lucky, this will be the last anniversary to occur while the legal case cotninues. It's amazing that a miscarriage of justice has stretched this far, and no doubt it couldn't have without the help of racists, feminazis, and some of the most blatant political oppertunism I can recall. If we're lucky, this will all get wrapped up in a few more weeks when the special prosecutors stick a fork in it and flip the bird to all of those who insist 'something happened'.

As far as I'm concerned, the real key to this case is to compare it to the recent accusation of rape made by a white student against a black man while at a black faternity party. This is the way that the case should have progressed from the begining. The police investigate and for the most part, everyone else sits back and waits to see what evidence turns up. No pot bangers or vigilante posters. No screeds against the group hosting the event and certainly no gang of leftist professors pushing their twisted worldview in order to advance their cause. It's almost enough to wish that there were some parity in response, only to see the same potbangers and those so certain 'something happened' forced to choose between the Lady or the Tiger. Do they speak out against injustice if it only goes to prove their own hypocrisy and racism, or do they keep silent and let the injustice pass.

A quote from today's news and observer on the case says: "Ultimately, the test of the university and the way we're perceived will be 2 to 5 years from now when people look back and say, 'Did Duke do the right thing?'". It will be interesting to see not only how Duke is viewed but how the other participants in this fiasco are judged by history. I seriously doubt it will be kind.
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