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End of an era

Last night, after 10 seasons and over 200 episodes, Stargate Sg1 came to an end. The last episode, Unending, was just fantastic. It was handsdown the best series finale for a sci-fi/fantasy tv show I can recall. To be sure, it kicked the crap out of everything the various Star Trek series offered up and Babylon 5 as well. There was just the right mix of action and smaltz to bring everything together. I know some of you might not be bittorrenting episodes so I'll leave spoilers behind a LJ cut.

Thinking back over the episode, the only part that bothers me a little is the complete annihilation of the Asgard. Yep. It's hard to believe but Thor and all of his people are dead and they were wiped out within the first 5 minutes. It was just too herky-jerky with no recent setup in the storyline. It's understandable though since the cancelation notice didn't even come around till midseason. It was probably impossible to rewrite enough of the storyarc to set out the Asgard's eminent demise.

Other than that, the episode was just pure gold. Daniel and Vala finally hooked up (and for 50 years no less) which I'm sure made all of the crazy fan ship'ers happy. The writers also managed to boost Tau'ri tech in a way that they can now go toe to toe with Ori ships. That will no doubt come in handy for setting up the Stargate SG1 mini-movies to come.

Yep, it's not completely over, over. There are two direct to DVD films in production right now: Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Both are due to come out in Fall of this year and I can only hope that sales are so spectacular that someone decides to start up the series again. Hey, it worked for Family Guy, right?

The Ark of Truth will deal with the final showdown with the Ori which I'm really looking forward to and Continuum will be a time-travel jaunt with Ba'al at the evil helm. I imagine that Ark was what the producers had put together for this season's finale and part of the next before they heard of the cancelation. It's a chance to see a wrapup for the Ori storyline so we won't all be hanging wondering what happened.
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