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The banality of relief

I'm sure there were far, far more worthwhile things to do with the past couple days that could have truly celebrated my ability to sit around for any real length of time without pain. The possible plethora of options spring to mind, each more entrancing than the last. What I ended up using the time for was making a crapload of Tanga puzzles and listening to This American Life.

I'd caught the latter sporadicly as I've listened to NPR over the years and I've always found the stories interesting. Even though they always give out the website address during each show and state that it's free to listen to past programs, I had never really gotten around to pulling it up. Well, today I did and I'm currently trying to work my way backwards through the show's long history. Apparently it was started back in 1995 and there are over 300 shows. That roughly translates to almost 2 weeks worth of straight audio. Chances are I'll be at this for a while.

As for the Tanga puzzles....who knows. I'm pretty much sick of solving the puzzles and there hasn't been anything on there I've wanted to buy in weeks. I'm not sure what even keeps me at the site other than inertia. Because of that, the fact that I put in significant time to come up with 5 more puzzles is sorta baffling. I'll display them here behind a LJ cut, not that any of you have expressed real interest or applitude in puzzle solving.

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