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As I turned a 12-pack case upside down to roll out the last couple cans of diet coke, I was surprised when only one of the cans met my waiting grasp. Placing it aside, I turned the box up to peer into the dim recesses in search of the missing can. That was when I realized to my surprise that the reason gentle gravity had failed to coax it out was due to the fact that the can was completely empty. Empty and with the pop top still completely in tact. My first response was surprise tinged followed almost immediately by an unlikely wonder-tinged joy. 'Wow! Amazing!' It's like finding one of those new dollar coins without In God We Trust, or with it and nothing else. Just think of how many millions of cans of soda must go through the Coke factory without incident to produce the error where one can fails to receive its allotment of carbonated goodness.

I almost immediately thought 'Ka-ching?'. Maybe there was a way to capitalize on these sort of mistakes. Heck, people were willing to pay for those screwed up dollar coins. Maybe there are people out there who would find the novelty of a closed coke can without coke equally fascinating. The can had obviously been slightly deformed in whatever miskey that had caused its lack of soda with some symmetrical clamp marks on its sides. As I was turning it around, I noticed that there was also a metal ding on its bottom edge. With a sinking feeling I put my mouth around the ding and after sucking in some air, found to my disapointment that indeed, it was a small hole.

It looks like I didn't have a completely sealed yet empty coke can after all. Gone were thoughts of novelty and eBay, replaced with the sad realization that coke had simply gypped me out of 12 ounces of soda.
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