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I'm having more than a bit of trouble sleeping right now. I'm exhausted but every time I lie down there's a small, yet niggling, about of pain and discomfort. It's nothing extreme but it's like having someone poke you with a blunted needle. It's not horrible enough to be a real problem but it's unpleasant enough that trying to fall asleep while it's going on is sorta impossible. I ended up finally biting the bullet and popping some more pills and I'm sitting around waiting for them to kick in. Doing that always makes me a bit disgruntled. It feels like a waste of resources but I'd really like to be able to get some sleep.

Another thing that's keeping me from getting rest is I've been playing with my Gameboy Color. I went digging around in boxes last night looking for my Game Cube which I hadn't unpacked since I moved over 2 years ago. I was bored out of my mind and figured that I would play some of the GC games I never got around to finishing and a few I never even started. It was while going through the box that I also found the GBC I had picked up while in chicago. I was amazed when I found that the console was packed with around a dozen games, most of which I didn't even remember purchasing. No doubt I had bought them all on some sort of spur of the moment splurge when it grabbed my fancy that I should have a handheld. I faintly remember playing it a few times while in classes but I assume my interest died off pretty rapidly. Well, I'm getting a second chance at the whole thing now and it's subbing in nicely for the DS I haven't bought. I've always been sorta indifferent about graphics so there's probably not much difference between the two from my perspective. The irony is that no matter whether or not I contine playing with the GBC, it's disincentive to pick up a DS. If I lose interest in it, then it just shows that the same would happen with a DS and I'd just be wasting my money. If, however, I keep playing the GBC, it shows that I'm perfectly happy with what I have and there's no need to go spending money to upgrade when I'm good as is. I guess it's just not meant to be.
Tags: chronic pain, insomnia, video game club: nintendo ds

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