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So nice it's creepy

One thing that I haven't gotten around to mentioning about my birthday is I received a phone call friday night from Joe. If we step into the way back machine, we'd all recall that he was the guy who had contacted me out of the blue a year ago about a card game he had designed. I had received a few emails from him since then but there hadn't been any contact for over 9 months. So imagine my surprise when he called up to wish me a happy birthday. It turns out that he had remembered me mentioning to him last year that it was close to my birthday and after putting it together with my email address with '323', he put it together and decided to give me a ring.

Now, I'm a pretty cynical bastards overall and it sorta baffled me that someone would call me up to wish me a happy birthday, ecspecially someone I barely knew and who I had only mentioned the date in passing a year ago. Immediately my brain starts churning trying to calculate what seemingly made no sense. I would have sooner believed he was calling to tell me about some wonderful money-making investment in Nigeria that he had wanted to let me in on.

We chatted for a bit and I hung up feeling sorta confused. It's not like it was any huge big effort on his part, but it's still not what I would expect from practically a stranger. I feel like I'm having a grinch "heart grew three sizes" moment.
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