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I finally got a chance to try out a DS this past weekend at the Bills. The gameplan had been for a session of D&D but I wasn't feeling up to it and was instead loafing around watching Star Trek: First Contact on tv and fiddling with their DS. It was pretty spectacular from what I could see. The touch screen was amazing and the graphics had been kicked up so many notches compared to my Gameboy Color that it's hard to begin to assess the differences. In short, I wanted one. I would have given it more of a runthrough but ended up falling asleep soon after and didn't manage to crawl back to consciousness until it was time to leave.

Anyway, I've decided for a while now that if I were to get a DS, I would not pay retail for one. I simply flat out refuse. Since I wasn't in any particular rush, I figured that I could wait for a deal or coupon to come along. Around a week ago, had offered a 10% off coupon and had the DS in stock. The problem? It was pink. I had no choice but to pass on it since I just can't see myself owning a pink DS. I already have at least one strike against me due to my love of showtunes, and carting around a bubblegum pink DS would just be asking for it.

Mostly, I've been waiting around for Target to get them back in stock. They run 10% off coupons all the time and I figured I'd pick one up from there once they were avaliable. Well, tonight I checked and there was both a coupon active and DS in stock. Pink again. It's always fucking pink. What the hell even possessed Nintendo to choose fucking pink as one of only three colors released for the damn system? No one fucking wants pink. Even most girls don't want pink after they're beyond the age of 10 or so. I'm sure some people would argue that in this day and age, there's no problem with a man owning a game console in bright pink. Those people are wrong and someone should punch them in the face.
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