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Fate be damned

I went out this morning and bought a DS lite. Right after writing my screed last night against finding nothing but pink consoles, I discovered that Target had a sale this week on DS games which are almost never discounted. They had a lot of the most popular titles priced at $24, a savings of anywhere from $6 to $16. I figured that I could pick up a few games ahead of time while waiting for a good discount on the console itself. When I went to checkout with 4 games, I was informed that the shipping & handling costs would be $19. These people must be fucking on crack. $19 to ship a package that wouldn't even weigh half a pound and measures less than 6 inches long. If that's how they price their shipping, then any 10% discount they might offer would be more than consumed. It wouldn't make much sense to apply the discount to save $11 when those assholes want $19 to ship it. It's no surprise that they don't offer a pickup option either.

At that point, I just gave up. I was never going to manage to get one for cheaper than retail and it was a good time to go in on one with the discount on games anyway. So this morning I trekked out to the local Target and bought myself a black DS lite and three games: Final Fantasy III, Super Mario, and Mario Kart. If I wanted to engage in a little sophistry, I could argue that I didn't really pay retail for the DS since it came with 2 exclusive sequinned case-decorating stickers. If we inflate the value of those freebes and assign a monetary value to them, it'd be like getting the console for less than retail....right?

Anyway, I've already given mario kart a whirl and it seems pretty damn spiffy. After it charges up a bit more, I'm going to try and see if I can hook up the wifi connection to it. That might take a bit of tinkering since my sister ended up losing the booklet I had scribbed the code whozit into the last time she was here and wanted to link in her laptop.
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