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I <3 my DS

It's been nothing but spiffy so far. I'm just so freaking impressed with the quality of the graphics that it's almost impossible to describe. I've started in on all three games with varying levels of success. I'm not really all that great at platform games and in the past the only thing to recommend my RPG skills was the ability to spend days doing the same thing over and over and over to reach some nigh unachievable goal. I've already decided that I'm not going to even look at a walkthrough unless I get completely stuck somewhere. I think one of the things that really causes gaming burnout is squinting at sheets of 10 pt font outlining every single twitch of the controller you have to take or see your game destroyed.

I also got the wifi up and running and managed to try my first mario kart race online. I got my ass handed to me but what can you expect when I had finished a total of one race previous. The code is: 502606755482 in case any of you want to also kick my ass at mario kart or anything else that's wifi enabled.
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