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Situation normal: All fucked up

It's been a pretty trying time lately. Things have taken a downturn for the worse and I've spent most of the time just trying to make it through moment by moment. The pain has really been an issue and I haven't been able to do much, even sleep. It's been my co-pilot and I sometimes think that it's slowly driving me mad. What's really problematic is that it's harder to achieve stretches of time where things are tolerable, even with a buncha meds. The short latency of those periods means that I'm effectively hobbled from doing anything that requires sustained concentration/effort or that involves going out. It might just be that the days I can pop a handful of pills and have a functionally normal day is over.

About the only plus over the past period is that I've still been playing with the DS and it's still been great. I picked up a couple of used Gameboy Advance games from gamestop and they've been keeping me occupied. God only knows what I'd be doing without some form of distraction. I've also been downloading craploads of Terry Pratchett audiobooks and that's also been a blessing. I may have read all of them multiple times, but I find listening to audiobook versions very soothing. I usually let winamp run with them while I play the DS and it's giving me something to do in between bouts of unpleasantness if nothing else.
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