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Second verse, same as the first

I continue to be completely impressed with how wonderful the quality of video games has gotten during my hiatus. The graphics has improved as might be expected, but the gameplay has also been kicked up a huge notch. It's almost impossible to compare it to earlier incarnations for handhelds.

Life continues to be a daily series of ups and downs. It's impossible to anticipate when a good period will hit or a bad one for that matter and so it's almost impossible to make plans. I had been planning to stop by the gameday at the panera today, but I was finally able to fall asleep and I've learned you have to snatch up those rare oppertunities when they come. The meds only seem to modulate at this point rather than providing clear skies and I really worry about what that means for origins and gencon. I shudder to think if things don't qualitatively change by then because it will be an sbsolute misery. It's too bad you can't bottle rage and unleash it as firey bolts from your eyes or somesuch. It might actually make it worthwhile if I could immolate people.
Tags: chronic pain, video game club: nintendo ds

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