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Took a little longer than expected but the final nail got hammered in a few minutes ago. The AG just ended his press conference and not only have all the charges been dropped but he declared that the players were _innocent_ rather than simply not guilty. There were no dodges about insufficient evidence to proceed or other CYA crap. Instead, he laid out the case bare and told everyone that the accusation was a fiction.

Transcript of press conference

It's a pity they decided not to charge her with a crime. It's pretty clear that what he was referring to with the mention of sealed documents is that she's a psycho. It's always nice to know that so many people marched around banging pots to support the fantasies of a mentally unbalanced whore. The fact that she apparently still believes in that this delusion occurred means a complete disconnect with reality. I certainly hope that the equivalent of social services down there take her kids away from her and find someplace safe for them.

I was also surprised at how blunt Cooper was about Nifong. We all know that he's a lying, conniving son of a bitch, but it's still sort of remarkable that the AG would come out and call a scoundrel a scoundrel. You have to give them credit. They didn't try to whitewash this press conference at all. The truth has finally been acknowledged and all that's left is to see that those responsible for the hoax get what's coming to them.
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