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I came back to chicago and:

1) My 200 gig external harddrive is dead. It had my anime collection on it, and it's all gone except a tiny bit of it. It took me years to collect it all and it's gone. Poof. Gone.

2) I had my mail held and I come back to...nothing. A few pieces of crap but none of the packages and crap I was expecting. God knows where they ended up. The only mail I got in the end were a couple bills and a oriental trading catalog.

3) My cell phone wasn't waiting for me when I got back. I called their automatic system and they claim they never received it. I checked my delivery confirmation # and IT says that they received it on the 24th. FUCK.

And a few ceramic boobies are supposed to cheer me up, hmm?

What I wouldn't give for a holocaust cloak.

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