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To the deep dark pits of crazy with Abyss

Abyss2Hope continues to spew 'crazy' all over the place in her recent post. It simply amazes me that someone could actually believe what she's blithely typing away and not be fundamentally derranged in some manner. It's a key symptom of a variety of psychological disorders to constantly revise history to support your crazy assumptions. Why were there no bugging devices found in your cavity fillings despite your certainty the CIA placed them there? Oh, well their allies the aliens from planet X must've come in the night and swapped them out so they wouldn't be detected. She's a nutjob.

In the end I couldn't help myself and just had to respond. Since she only posts the emails of the crazy ranters, so she dosen't have to answer any real substantive questions about being batshit insane, I'm almost certain it won't make it through comment moderation. It basically challenges her crazyass revisionist history about the case. I know that I personally didn't become interested in the whole fiasco until the DNA evidence was due to come back and signs were pointing to problems with the timeline. Before that point, I pretty much accepted that an attack had most likely occurred because I believed that no woman would go around making shit up like that and took her at her word. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be making that mistake again in the future. If there's one thing this case has taught me, it's that I can't expect other people to be rational actors. The world is full of the batshit insane from lying whore Chrystal to revisionist dingbat Marcella. These people don't operate like normal people and it's often a tragic mistake when you assume they're going to be rational thinkers.

What really bothers me about this whole deal is the sheer number of people out there who continue to insist that the players are not innocent and that it's still possible 'something happened' that simply can't be proven. That might as well be some sort of litmus test for insanity. Anyone who expresses an opinion like that should be flagged and tagged for a full psychological workup because you can be pretty sure they've slipped a cog somewhere. Pressed on this issue they usually respond that the world of a black woman sexworker was never going to be accepted no matter what. That no matter what she says, no one would ever believe her because the accused were three well-off white men at an elite university. What unmitigated revisionist bullshit. I'm not sure what's more infuriating, the fact that they seem to have convienantly wiped from their memories the outpouring of support for the lying whore and the fact that so many people in the media and elsewhere swallowed the story without question or the fact that to believe everything the accuser has said you would have to be schizoprenic. There isn't one iota of her story that hasn't changed. I still like the levitating, simultaneous, three-orifice gang-rape best though.

Oh well. Some people will always refuse to see what's right in front of them. All we can do is acknowledge that and be prepared to keep that in mind the next time they start flogging a case and telling us that it's a sure thing.
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