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I went to the Abyss and all I found was a padded room

I just noticed that abyss mentioned my entries about her in her latest serving of nutjob a flambe. I notice that she failed to address anything of substance from my comment and never released it from moderation, but that was to be expected. I ecpsecially like how she brought out the list of insanity at the bottom. The fact that it misses every major point of evidence in this case and nothing refers specificly to any of the three players charged is pretty telling. If that's not a mental deficiency, I'm not sure what is.

It's also the second time she stresses that somehow those who believe the players are innocent and no attack occurred have somehow constantly shifted their theories. In my comment, I asked her to please feel free to back up any of those suppositions. After all, there are a crapload of sites that have been following this case and believe that the accuser was and still is lying. These sites include TalkLeft, Durham in Wonderland, Liestoppers, and many others. Of course she was unable to backup her batshit insane assertions with actual evidence and instead simply makes the baseless accusation once more.

I'm sure no doubt that you can trace this delusional thinking to her claim that she was once raped. I have no clue whether she was or not nor what the story is behind the accusation. What I'm starting to wonder about is if maybe the rapist skullfucked her because I'm pretty sure there's been some pretty extensive cerebral damage. If he did, then I think he should get the death penalty because he's ended up inflicting her now demented insanity on the rest of us.
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