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I'm really sort of excited about the upcoming DS browser which will allow people to use the Opera web browser from the DS. It's been out for over a year in Japan but it's only been added to the US release list around a month ago. It should be out in June and I'm planning to pre-order a copy at some point. I usually abhor the idea of paying retail for anything and one of the best ways to get gouged is to buy something the minute it comes out. I'm making an exception in this case because a web eneabled DS will answer a problem I've had for a couple years now.

The lack of a net connection during con season when I'm traveling about has often been a monumental pain in the ass. The inability to access mapping programs or emails has often played merry havok. It's also never pleasant to suffer net withdrawal from being cut off cold turkey. I've thought about getting or borrowing a laptop just for those trips out of town but it always seemed like a huge bother or expense. With the DS browser, I can fix the whole problem with an outlay of $30. The system is light and portable and should be able to pick up a wifi connection wherever one is avaliable. I'll even be able to liveblog with it, though I don't imagine those will be lengthy. Tapping out letters one at a time on the touchscreen keyboard or using their handwriting recognition software is likely to be a pain in the ass.

I found a review on YouTube of someone putting the japanese version through its paces. The loadtimes seem to be a bit daunting but the sites I visit aren't usually all that graphic intensive.

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