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What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The metric system knows.

Don't believe the propoganda that the NASA shooting was over a poor performance review. That's just a cover story that they came up with to hide the real divisive fracture points. What really provoked the gunplay is the long time battle between feet and meters. Yes, it's true. The entire battle was fought over the metric system and which primal force would own the soul of NASA.

This hostage taking and shooting is only the most recent beachhead in the long battle between good and evil. It has been leaked that the last words written on the dry-erase board by the shooter was 'Give me Feet or give me death, you Frenchie metric bastards!'. This battle cry was echoed by those behind the loss of the Mars Orbiter, sabatogaged by anti-metric freedom fighters. There are even rumors that what may have sparked Lisa Novak's cross-country, diaper-wearing trek was that she found secret love letters that the pilot she had feelings for was writing love letters to the metric system.

These conflicts will continue until organizations like NASA sees the error of its ways.

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