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Gencon event roundup

Well, it's almost that time again. Grab the antacids, pop the valium, and prepare for the absolute clusterfuck that is Gencon event registration. Before we move to our main event of horrors, one has to decide what events one wants. The event list hasn't been released yet, but that's not usually a big issue. We all know what favorites are perennial favorites and it's best to have all of your ducks in a row.

To that end, I'm trying to get a headcount of people interested in going through a True Dungeon run this year. Once I get an idea of the number of people involved, I'll know how many runs to buy and hopefully we can sort out timeslots once the list is revealed.

As you may or may not know, there have been a few changes this year. Most of the information is documented in the TD newsletter, but the upshot is as follows:

  • Ticket prices have increased to $34.50. This is actually a slight drop from the number first reported and has been confirmed by Jeff Martin.

  • There will be two dungeons this year, one focusing on puzzles and one focusing on combat. It is rumored there will be some interaction between the two groups in some sort of massive room in the middle of the run.

  • There are new treasure tokens being produced that are nothing like the old wooden nickels. You can get a look at them here.

So basically what I need to know from people is:

1) Are you interested in doing a group run for True Dungeon

2) If yes, how many times do you want to go through and which particular dungeon type

3) Broad time preferences if you already know some blackout periods and if you have a preferred class

The sooner I can get a headcount, the better chance we have of putting everyone into a run.

I also have to ask and see if anyone out there is interested in doing NASCRAG this year or has an established group looking for another player. Last year was just hideous and I'm not sure I can handle another run like that. It felt like I was trying to drag anchors through the rounds with those highschool kids. I'm not looking for gods of roleplaying or anything, simply a personality and some effort might be a nice change. I would really like to make it to the final round god damnit.
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