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I <3 dirty cops

The 6th and final season of The Shield began a few weeks ago and I'm taking the time to bittorrent the episodes and catch up right now. It's a fantastic series and I don't think it gets near the amount of credit that it deserves. One of the aspects that has made it so compelling from day 1 is that feeling of guilt and uncertainty you get cheering Vic and the strike team on as they run around busting heads. As Vid said in the first episode, 'Good cop and bad cop have left for the day. I'm a different kind of cop'. You know that he's doing horribly evil things at times, but it always seems like it's evil visited upon an even greater blight or done for good intentions. I'm sure a lot of us would trade for safer streets even if we knew that the only path there was through people getting their heads cracked open. Well, as long as those people deserved it and there's the rub.

I'm sure everyone watching this last season is wondering how it'll all end. Will Vic end up paying for his sins and will he find redemption. I'm not even sure which would be the more 'cop out' path to take for the writers. No matter how it pans out, you're just certain it's going to be messy.
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