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Killer Breakfast

I just suffered a mometary pang of panic. Killer Breakfast is less than 4 months away and I still don't have a gimmick, nor have I spent any real time thinking about it. What brought me to this line of thought is that gencon popped up a page advertising the event here. It looks like Tracy used the pictures I sent him of the previous events. You can see mock26 and Melissa in the 2nd picture and that's my hand with the scythe in the first. In addition, the KB intro video has recently been put online for viewing.

What to do, what to do....

I guess no matter what I decide it'll be a let down compared to last year and it seems like my creativity juices (what amount there was) have completely dried up. If nothing else, I guess I should come up with a good bribe of sorts. Rather than simply chucking candy bars or the like, it'd be nice to do something quirky. It's too bad that I don't know anyone who does arts and crafts sorta things. It'd be wonderful to make a little tracy hickman doll of sorts. I could use it as a voodoo whozit.

Ummm...actually....does anyone out there do that sorta arts and crafts or know someone who does? That would be a great idea and gimmick and bribe all in one if I could pull it off. Any contact ideas?
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