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Pictures from home

Awww, it's porky! Isn't she cute? She's such a sweetie.

Picture of Puff

Picture of Lucky

Picture of Cutie. He's actually a pain to photograph. He has cat eyes. I'm not sure if peekingnese are supposed to be nocturnal or something but his eyes are highly reflective. It's impossible to take a photo of him without his eyes glowing if you're using a flash.

Vashka sent christmas presents for the dogs. Wasn't she sweet? As for all of you that didn't send anything for them, rot in hell! Porky loves her candy cane. She ended up eating all of them herself.

Lucky with a candycane. He looks like a big fluffy mess in this picture. I think he just had a bath which explains why he's white instead of a grayish offwhite.

Puffy with a candycane.

Cutie with a candycane.

This is my family's house in joisey. Spiffy no?

This is the resturant my mom and uncle run.

Here are some pictures of the amazing peppers. All multicolored and spiffy looking.

The giant 3.25 lb lobster. Absolutely HUGE.

And this just goes to show that I'm going to need a lot of practice before I can actually shoot people where I'm aiming. I figure the solution is to carry more clips and bullets. Even the worst shot in the world has to hit once or twice out of 15 times, no?

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