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Operation Voodoo Tracy is a go

I finally got a response and it looks like it's all go. My friend Sewtipsy (her id over on sissyfight) has graciously consented to make the doll and we already hashed out a few points. It looks like size won't be all that much of a constraint since materials are cheap, which means this should be a good sized tracy doll hopefully.

The devil will be in the details however, like the clothing and the accessories. For the latter, she suggested little velcro tabs on the hands so that items could be interchangable. I guess that would let us make a variety of items he could be carrying in addition to the double-bladed lightsaber. I've also written to one of the KB helpers and asked if I could get a sneak peak at the t-shirts they'll be wearing this year. If I can get the color and design information ahead of time, Sew can make the doll wear exactly what Tracy will be wearing.

I'm also thinking of buying one of those voice record and playback whozits from online and getting Tracy's voice recorded saying something like 'You Die!'. Then I can just velcro the thing to the back of the doll and every time you push a button, 'You Die!' will come out.
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