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Gencon Event List

Gencon Event List is up and avaliable for download. I just took a quick look and maybe it's just me but it seems a bit skimpy. I made a quick preliminary list of the events I was interested in and there seem to be a lot of gaps. It might just be because I tend to weigh the value of any event against the pain and unpleasantness of attending it and so unless I know it's going to be a good one, there's a high degree of inertia. Somwtimes it feels like I spend a good chunk of my life nowadays hoping that if I don't make any sudden moves, nothing new and horrible will happen. Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

RPG00010 Killer Breakfast Sat 9-11am
RPG00535 Nascrag R1 Thur 5-9pm
RPG00536 Nascrag R1 Thur 9-1am
RPG00537 Nascrag R1 Fri 1-5pm
RPG00538 Nascrag R1 Fri 9-1am
RPG00539 Nascrag R2 Sat 1-5pm
RPG00540 Nascrag R3 Sat 7-11pm
TCG00217 Stargate CCG Thur 11-3am
TCG00218 Stargate CCG Sat 1-5pm
TCG00219 Stargate CCG Sun 10-2pm
LRP00087 BYOV HP LARP Fri 5-9pm

I'm really not sure about the HP larp. I had such a ghastly pisspoor time the last go around that everything, other than the fact that Tom of BYOV said he would try to make sure I had a better role, tells me I should avoid it like the plague. I'm kinda curious if gazpacho will be in for it, since he got just about as shafted as I did. Heck, if we both decided to play and things were going horribly, we could just go off-script and see if we could wreck things. I've never tried it myself, but I've heard stories of LARPs pulled awry and it sounds entertaining.

The Stargate CCG is something I'm interested in, mostly in anticipation for the day the game collapses and booster boxes become as cheap as dirt. Mostly I think I just want the cards for collecting purposes. I tried downloading the online version of the game and went through their tutorials on how to play. It seems pretty simplistic and it might be spiffy to see how it actually works against live opponents. The only problem I can think of is that the game is just hitting the streets now which means that there will likely be a few sharks at the event. That means that the chances of actually winning aren't very good, though at least it's sealed.

So any other event suggestions? I know there are plenty of iconic gencon events that I've never tried. It just seems hard to decide to jump into those head first, ecspecially since a good few requires a group going in. There are a variety of DnD events that, like NASCRAG, are competative and people rave about. So far, I've had no success in even putting together a NASCRAG team though. It's hard to imagine I can put together a group for anything else. Hell, I'm not even sure I'll be able to put together a TD group. God knows the response here has been more than lackluster.
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