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Splitting sleep

I've fallen into a schedule that seems a bit odd to me and I was wondering if anyone else had run into it. I find that the sleep pattern that ends up working best for me is not getting 8 hours, or whatever, all at once but two smaller segments through the course of the day. As it stands now, I'm exhausted by the time mid evening rolls around and will usually end up sleeping until 1 am or so. I'm then up again for most of the overnight period until I go back and catch up on the remainder of my sleep sometime just before dawn. It seems like a whacky sort of system, but it works and it's been stable for a couple weeks now. It also seems to be more restful and generally congenial than the alternative which often had me facing insomnia and shifting sleep cycles.

What do I do during the overnight period? Well, I just finished watching the latest episode of Bull Run online. Needless to say, with this sort of schedule, I'm not catching a lot of primetime tv. Not live anyway. Spike provides the episodes of Bull Run on their site in streaming format and I've found it's a pretty good way to keep up with the series since it doesn't appear to have enough fans for bittorrent. I stumbled over it a couple weeks ago one weekend when they were doing a marathon review of the first 5 episodes and it hooked me. It's like a mixture of Cannonball run and what I imagine the Amazing Race must be like. One thing of note, the spike site doesn't allow buffering for some reason so you either need a very fast connection or try to watch the episodes during offpeak hours. Another good use of my 'graveyard shift' time since I was only able to get spurtzy viewing during the day.
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