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What do you tell a pinata with two black eyes?

I was chatting with someone through email about the possibility of wrangling that pinata for Killer Breakfast when it occurred to me that I have no clue where to buy one. I've certainly never purchased one before and I have no clue what stores might stock them other than those party supply warehouses. I went online figuring I'd run a quick search for pinata + goat and I was amused at some of the results.

Meet the Snow White Pinata.

I think it's absolutely hilarious that for some little girl's birthday party, they'll beat snow white with a bat until her innards pop out. It sounds like a horror show just waiting to happen. This thing is actually 3 and a half feet tall, making it almost the size of most kids I'd imagine. I can't help but think it would be an interesting practical joke to load up the inside with balloons filled with fake blood rather than candy.

On a sidenote, would you look at this freaky thing? No wonder it's on sale. It must scare the living crap out of kids. Tigger looks like he needs an exorcism.
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