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Tell me you wouldn't hit her with a fucking brick

It looks like you were right and spot on, Bill. Take a look at the recent entry by abyss2hope.

I received a snarky comment about how I shouldn't expect to be taken seriously because my views don't match some anonymous person's views.

Because of the context of the comment, for all I know this person who doesn't take me seriously is a rapist. And the last thing I'm going to do is adjust what I do for rapists and others who support attacks against alleged victims which have absolutely no basis in evidence.

I know I shouldn't even pay any attention to her gibbering, but I can't help it. This sort of crap needs to be curbstomped into oblivion IMO. It's some of the most offensive crap I've run across, and only more so because she gives ever indication of being serious. It would be hard to imagine anyone actually commenting on her dribble and not making snarky comments. In fact, snarky would be mild to say the least.

After careful perusal of her entries, I've come to the conclusion that for all I know abyss2hope is a witch who has sold her soul to Satan and murders helpless animals and children in sacrifices to her dark master. I would hope that all those who abhor witchcraft and light witches on fire will take note. I'm not saying she is a witch, mind you. But based on the context of her entries, for all I know she is one.
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