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The horror, the horror....

Mr Shiny is in town for work related reasons (those of you who have no clue who Mr Shiny is, probably shouldn't worry about it. The short answer is he's a friend I met at gencon). We had chatted over email a few times before he arrived and I had mentioned the battletech setup up in Pomptom. It turns out that he was an old school mech pilot from back in the days of the dinosaurs. Okay, it was the early 90's, but that might as well have been the jurasic era considering the pace of technological advancement. Anyway, I gave Matt a ring and asked him if he wanted to come along and so it was that last night we all met up for a night of battletech.

It was probably a poor idea right from the start. I've gone on a bit about how things haven't been great lately. Pain has been extreme at times and I've had really problems keeping it surpressed with meds. My therapeutic window is small and whenever I misjudge I end up with nausea and vomiting. I'm afraid I didn't exactly end up being a great local host of sorts. I spent a good chunk of the night sitting on the couch just trying to keep my stomach contents where they were and after a while I had to leave and ended up sprawling on the floor of the breezeway upstairs. I'm hoping that Mr Shiny had a good time, but I wasn't in any real condition or position to judge.

For some reason, the nausea didn't get better on the ride home and I actually had to have Matt pull over at one point so I could spew along the side of the road. I'm sure he felt like he was driving the drunk wagon home. I hadn't actually eaten anything since the morning other than a couple strips of beef jerky and I have no clue what I was actually puking up. By the end, it was nothing but pure bile. I could have done my own acid spray attack.

I made more bile deliveries even as I staggered up the driveway home and eventually passed out with my head still spinning. I've spent the rest of the day between altering states of unconsciousness and agony followed by pill popping with frantic entreaties for it to work freaking faster. It hasn't been a good 24 hours or so.

I really should give Shiny a ring and see how his day went and apologise for the neglect. I hope he found something interesting to do today before his work starts.
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