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The night before event reg

I just haven't been all that excited about event registration. I'm not even anxious or pissy either and maybe that's even more remarkable. I'm just completely apathetic about the whole thing. I'm not sure why but I just don't seem to have any strong feelings about gencon right about now. I just spoke with mock26 and we sketched out our event purchasing strategy so i'm pretty sure what my schedule will look like. It's just not something I'm all that rah-rah about. Usually by this point I've got spreadshets and time charts and all sorts of prepatory garbage going full tilt. I dunno. It just dosen't seem all that important.

I'm working on putting together a schedule right now and I'll post it when it gets done.

I guess I should go back through the schedule and comb through events by time looking for things that fit into the gaps, but I just can't be bothered right now. If I get around to it I can take a quick look tommorrow or just spot fill at the con I guess.
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