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Event registration Part II

It looks like Origins finally has their event lists up. I sent out the smoke signals to let everyone else know, but I'm pretty sure that none of them will bother with the whole thing. It'll either be passive neglect or actively dropping the ball. All in all, it shouldn't make much difference. Among the group of us going, I don't think any of them have must-do events. I'm trying to decide whehter it's worthwhile to actually push a couple of the events I've enjoyed in the past and see if we can go through a run as a group. I'm just not sure it's worth the effort given the almost active inattention I've received in response to my Origins updates.

The other problem brewing is that Playroom has been in touch with me and it seems that their manpower issue might be more severe than first outlined. At first, they had called and asked if I would be willing to run their Killer Bunnies tournament at Origins. I had been planning to bow out of the whole thing when the first volunteer roundup came across email but it's harder to say no when it's a phone call and you know they really need the help. I had agreed to run the tourney and figured I'd keep my fingers crossed. With the way things are going for me on the medical front, I always have to be concerned about whether I can carry through on commitments I make.

I got a followup email last night saying that they're hoping that in addition to the tourney, I can pick up some of the slack in the other games they're running due to the manpower shortage. The entire thing just makes me pretty antsy. I don't like knowing that there is no backup waiting for me in case something seriously goes wrong. If I start spewing blood like a firehose or the pain becomes unmanageable, there's almost certainly no one who could take over and cover for me. I'm just not sure what to do about the whole thing.

I'm not horribly upset about the idea of sacrificing my time at origins to give Playroom a hand, but the possibility of completely dropping the ball does make me a bit nervy. I'd also like to find some time to do events with the group I'm going with and if I commit fully to playroom, most of my days will be locked up. It's times like this I wish there were some sort of bat signal for playmasters. If only more of them would show up and pick up some more slack.
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