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The feel-good rally of the year

I just finished watching the last episode of Bullrun online and I'm happy to report that the father-daughter of Team Trans-Am won. I really enjoyed the entire show despite the fact that I've never been into cars. About the only thing I know how to do is put gas in them and I never could understand the obsession with horsepower and torque and other esoteric gibberish. The technical aspect aside, everyone loves a good cross-country race and it's only better if you toss in a bit of drama.

From what I see on the website, they're already organizing for the next season's run and wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to participate in that sort of thing. I always wanted to drive cross-country as a kid and participating in a rally sounds like loads of fun. Of course, I just can't see 'Team '97 Ford Taurus' fitting into the lineup.

I also thought it was sort of inspiring that a father-daughter team ended up winning. It seemed like it was quite a bonding experience for the pair of them and certainly isn't the pair up that most people would expect for this sort of thing. I think it would be kinda spiffy if they were allowed to return next season to defend their title but it'll almost certainly be an entirely new slate of drivers and cars.
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