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Origins Ahoy

Well, I just got an email from Phi at Playroom and it looks like the schedule is up. It looks like there are only four of us signed up to run the events and events are packed like sardines. With the exception of a 3-round Amorphous Blob RPG, I'll be running killer bunnies games for most of the daylight hours with a hour gap here and there. It shouldn't be too bad and I'm hopeful that some of the people I've spoken to can provide stopgap coverage if things go bad. Most weren't interested in actually signing up to take a shift but said they might be willing to help out on a case by case basis.

On a sidenote, it looks like origins registration is even more FUBAR'ed than normal. The latest message just came through that all registration is being extended for another 2 weeks and event reg hasn't even gone live yet. At this point, it's only around 6 weeks until the con. There's very little 'give' left in the system and if they don't get things rolling soon, we might just see it all crumble like a house of cards.
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