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Origins registration ended up not being a complete clusterfuck, though my role ended up being more as a spectator than anything else. There were very few events that I was trying to get tickets for, but I needed a lot of them. The focus was to snag a few events that we would want to do as a group and let the other pieces fall where they would.

Since I had purchased all of the badges and they were linked to my account, I was the one who would pick up the tickets as well. Joyce decided she wanted to help out and I had her log into my account too figuring that two simultaneous logins wouldn't be a problem if they were from different computers. That turned out to be a miscalculation though it was quite a while before I realized it. Initially, the sheer amount of lag made it look like it was just server problems on my end. Joyce was able to connect, though slowly, and added the events to each badge one by one. Eventually, I figured out that there was a problem with the double login and for some reason, the site was recognizing hers as teh legitimate one. It kept booting me out so all the effort I had made was wasted.

In the end, it didn't much matter since slow and steady won the race. Since Joyce was already making progress, it didn't seem to make sense to try to swap over. She finished adding all the events and managed to checkout. Once she logged out of the account, I was able to get back in and had no problems navigating. I am a little worried though. When I logged into the account, I saw that we had 6 tickets for an event, one under each badge. When the bill had come through, it only showed 5 being purchased. Also, for an event that we had bought all 6 tickets, the event search kept listing '-1/6' tickets avaliable. I have no clue if -1 just means that the event is full or that they oversold the damn thing. Oh well. No use worrying about it now I guess. We'll sort it out when we get there.

The events we're doing as a group are:

6762 Rescue of a LifetimeModule 1 3.00 5
6764 Rescue of a LifetimeModule 3 3.00 6
6763 Rescue of a LifetimeModule 2 3.00 6
1330 Keep What You Kill 3.00 6

A three-part RPG by the Amorphous Blob guys and a wargame where you get to keep whatever miniatures you happen to kill.
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