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Lacrosse sans fake rape

I was channel flipping yesterday and stumbled across ESPN's broadcast of the NCAA semi-final lacrosse game between Duke and Cornell yesterday. I haven't followed any sport in years since I spent some agonizing years as a Knicks fan and before that a Mets fan. Lacrosse had never even been on the radar and the only thing that made me pause was a sense of obligation after following the FUBAR down in Durham for the past year.

All in all, I was incredibly impressed with the game. It was amazing how much skill it seemed to require and I won't even go into the effort involved. It made me tired just to watch them play as they ran up and down the field. I had thought I'd channel flip and try to catch updates on the score but got totally engrossed in the action. It seems that I had gotten lucky. The first lacrosse game I decided to watch was also, according to the broadcasters, one of the best of the year.

There were huge swings in point scoring during the match with Duke going on a run and leading 10-3 at one point. Then Cornell turned it around and scored something like 7 out of the next 8 goals. Momentum was clearly with them and I thought it was all over when Cornell rallied to tie the game with 17 seconds left. That was enough time for Duke to score a final goal though, winning the game 12-11 and with 3 seconds to spare.

That was the most interesting thing about lacrosse.....the speed of the game was simply amazing. Everything could change in a matter of moments and they were whipping around that little golf-ball at over 90 miles per hour. You couldn't pay me enough to play goalie with just a helmet.

Anyway, Duke advances to the finals vs Johns Hopkins on monday and I'm going to give some effort to trying to catch the game. If it's half as exciting as yesterday's event, it'll be time well spent.
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