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Morning glory

This morning wasn't a complete FUBAR to my surprise. As of late, mornings have been increasingly unpleasant for me. It's never been a good time of day but things had been getting more extreme. Upon waking, whatever meds I had been taking were flushed out of the system and the pain was usually quite extreme. Any movement would only exacerbate the situation and my whole, pop pills and don't move until they kick in idea, hasn't always panned out. It's become a predictable pattern and that's why today was so unusual. It actually wasn't all that bad for some reason. It's not like there wasn't any discomfort, but it didn't have the bite of what was normal. Hell, I'm even able to sit here and tap away on the computer, a task that I usually have to work my way up to once all the pills kick in.

I'd like to believe that this is an uptick for the better, but more likely it's just a statistical abnormality. God knows it's bucking the trend of the decline of late.
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