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Murder in the middle

I know that jirel says that no tolerance develops to steroid use, but after that first wondeful day, things have been backsliding a bit. Today has been worse than yesterday which was worse than that first. Part of the reason, I'm sure, is that I had cut back on the opiates and now I find I have to start taking them again. What the steroids seem to have done is eliminated the peaks of horror and put me back into a more moderate state of unpleasantness. I have another scrip of codeine that'll be filled tomorrow and I'm wondering if I just combo the dosing of both right that I'd have functional days again.

As for what's else is going on....the neighbors are selling their home and it turns out that there's a problem. The people who are buying the place (supposedly the guy is the head honcho of Six Flags: Great Adventure's Animal Safari) had a survey done of the property and the line isn't where everyone had thought it was. Instead, it cuts through fencing that we had put up a decade ago and even through a couple of trees we'd planted. It's causing a huge stink since the buyers demanded the part of the fence that crossed be removed before escrow and the neighbors are terrified of losing the established (and hugely overpriced) deal on the property.

One possible solution is just to drag our feet through the court process for this and see if Mr Monkey House decides to just forgoe purchase. This is one of those situations that can very easily cause a feud that lasts generations. Isn't that what got the Hatfield and McCoy's started? No doubt someone's pigsty was just over the property line where someone else wanted to build a shack for fucking his sister and before you knew it there were rifles everywhere.

No clue how it'll pan out but no one's happy about it at the moment. The worst part is knowing that in the end, the property line is almost certainly what they claim it to be based on the maps and surveys I've seen. It's always hard to enter into a conflict knowing that no matter how long and unpleasant it is, you'll only lose in the end unless the other side gives up.
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