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Christ and damnation

I just ended up losing $60 and it's pissing me off. I decided to finish selling off my assets from the online game Kingdom of Loathing and make some money on ebay. I haven't actually played the game in ages and I still have a ton of crap on various accounts. I placed 5 lots of meat (the currency of the game) up and only just discovered that I put the wrong stinking price. I ended up selling it for half the going rate, and by the time I was able to cancel the auction 3 of the lots were already gone. Feh.

I guess the plus side is that it's 'found money' of sorts. After all, I'll never play the game again and haven't even logged on in over a year. Hell, it's been so long I don't even know the value of some of the items I have. Still, it's always galling to know that your screwup just cost you money. I figure if I flog everything in the game I can probably reap around $500 or so and that's nothing to scoff at. *sigh* I just know that what I obsess about regardless of how well the other auctions do is that lost $60.
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