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Lately, my internet connection chooses certain random times to lag up. It's like the old days of freaking dialup with the added irritation of timeouts. I have no clue what in the world is wrong with it but it's driving me nuts. Restarting the router, turning the modem off then on, refreshing the network....nothing works to fix it. The only thing that seems to put things aright is time and there's no telling how long the problems will last. The really odd part about it is that the shit often hits the fan in offpeak hours. I'm running into issues right now for instance and it's freaking 3:00 am. What in the world could be causing problems at this time of night?

I always used to think it would be a great impulsivity test to have people use an internet connection that's been 'fixed' to lag at different rates. You can then measure the number of times they hit refresh or swear as a measure of impulsivity. God knows it's probably just as valid as some of the measures we used to use in the lab.

I wonder how many times I'll have to hit refresh after timeouts to get this entry to go through.

Note: 6 Times
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