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Going postal = Being retarded

Ever get into an argument with someone you're almost certain is a decerebrated ass-monkey? They made a claim so outrageously stupid that the only possible answer is that their parents must've repeatedly dropped them on their heads at birth. BUt then, there's this nagging little thought in your head that maybe it's not so much that they're a dirt-eating halfwit as the company/organization they work for creates mind-numbling assinine rules.

I just got back from having a verbal slapfest with the USPS lady. She claimed that I couldn't mail my bubble envelopes with delivery confirmation because, get this, they were TOO THIN! She said that the envelopes had to be at LEAST 3/4th of an inch thick. When I told her that made no freaking sense and that when I looked up the requirements online it said a MAXIMUM of 3/4th of an inch not a MINIMUM, she responded that she had just received a memo from 'headquarters' saying that her standard was correct. I ended up having to mail everything with the confirmation whozits torn off and now I'm in a catch-22 about who to blame for this frak up. It would be easy if it weren't for the fact that I believe the post office is run by idiots in general and I can almost see someone adopting such a patently stupidass rule. Where else in the world do they set a MINIMUM thickness for mailing something?
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