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Smuggling meat

Curse you eBay! *shakes fist* Curse you!

Just when I was starting to make money, and speedily too, I had one of my listings on the site canceled. Someone had just emailed me to ask which paypal account to send the cash to too. Feh. There's $110 down the toilet.

It turns out that a while back, ebay banned all virtual listings. Thus, you can't sell things like accounts or items from online MMORPG games. This ranges from the large commercial products like WoW down to web-based Kingdom of Loathing. At this point, I figure I have no choice but to flout the rules if I can, even if I run the risk of getting my account suspended. I have too much meat left on there and the money is too good. I ended up making $160 in just a couple days and I've only tapped around a quarter of my liquid assets. Considering I've got items I haven't sold worth millions a pop, if I could actually manage to liquidate everything, it might bring in upwards of $800 or $900 dollars.

The problem becomes how to get past the rules. There are still items listed on there that haven't been yanked for KoL. I have no clue if I just got unlucky or maybe it's because I didn't put a disclaimer on things. Some people have this little paragraph of fluff which they obviously think covers their ass. Maybe it does.

(Sample: DISCLAIMER: You are bidding on the above mentioned virtual items in the online role-playing game The Kingdom of Loathing (KoL), copyright © Asymmetric Publications, LLC. This auction is not for the ownership of the intellectual property owned by Asymmetric Publications, LLC, but rather for the time, effort and expense in getting these virtual items and transferring them to you. All KoL-related materials, items, meat, images, and logos, are and will remain the property of Asymmetric Publications, LLC. This auction is in no way associated with or endorsed by Asymmetric Publications, LLC.)

If all else fails, I'll start borrowing ebay accounts from friends and family. They can each take at least one strike before being shut down I figure and if I lower the asking price a bit, lots will likely sell before ebay can stumble over them.
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