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I was browsing on dealnews and stumbled across an entry about a sale at I decided to take a look on the off-chance there was anything interesting and ended up dropping $50 on various goodies for Killer Breakfast. I hadn't really planned anything special to wear for the event and simply figured that I'd go more or less as is with the voodoo doll. Randy (The Keeper) had suggested a while back that I should go with voodoo regalia of some sort, but it had seemed to be too much trouble at the time. Not to mention that the only voodoo priest sort of images I have in my mind were the sort of racist parodies you find as the villain on an oldschool episode of scooby doo.

As I was looking through the costumes, I thought to myself that a cultist of some sort was just as good as a voodoo priest and since everything was marked down a bit, why not. If nothing else, it's a halloween costume, right? So here's what I got:

Nice and generally utilitarian. For all your human sacrifice and satanic potluck needs. I only hope the damn thing fits. That's the one thing I absolutely loathe about buying things off the net. You never know if somehting is going to fit right, ecspecially with an entire line of clothing that caters to the assinine idea of 'one size fits all'. The one I got is a 'plus' size which dosen't tell me a hell of a lot really. The range in size is large, but I'm hoping the fact that robes are generally supposed to be somewhat loose will work in my favor.

Cheesy, I know. I couldn't help it after all the thought of the voodoo whozit.

I couldn't decide at first if I wanted something to hold in hand. A sceptor or a staff or something along those lines. They had an incredibly cool warlock staff topped with some sorta imp whose eyes flashed. Eventually, I decided that I would likely have enough things to hold up there since I would need one hand for the doll and one hand to hold whatever I was going to threaten it with. So I decided to combo weapon and prop into this things, which looks at least like it'll be small and maneuverable. I figure that plus a knitting needle should be enough.

All in all, the only other thing I have to pick up are those little voice recorders now. I haven't spoken to Sew in ages, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she'll have time to work on the doll at some point and get it done before gencon.
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